Unwanted hair growth

Sometimes hair grows in women where it is often only in men. It often occurs on the chest, upper lip, chin, abdomen or back. The hairs are often thick and dark. This is called excessive hair growth or hirsutism. Hirsutism is a form of excessive hair growth in women where the hair pattern is typically male. Increased production of male hormone is often leading. Excessive hair and hirsutism are particularly common. But this is also a familiar term among men. The condition is often hereditary and usually begins around puberty.

It is often disturbing to suffer from regular ingrown hairs, shaving irritation and other annoying problems caused by unwanted hair growth in unwanted areas. Diba Clinics features the world’s most powerful hair removal laser. We’re talking about the Gentle Max Pro.

The Gentle Max Pro is now even more powerful, even faster, has variable pulse duration and is safe to use. The laser is a very versatile laser device and in addition to laser hair removal, it is also suitable for treating pigment, laserizing varicose veins or removing wrinkles. During the treatment, an external cooling system connected to the laser is used to provide efficient cooling to the epidermis. As a result, the treatments are much more pleasant and the epidermis is well protected.

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