Fotona 4D Timewalker

The TimeWalker™ is an unique laser combination for non-invasive facelifting treatments with Er:YAG and Nd:YAG. The TimeWalker™ can be used to perform a variety of procedures, including rejuvenation, eye lifting and fuller lips.

Benefits when using Fotona 4D Timewalker

The TimeWalker™ is an advanced laser technology for non-invasive facelift treatments with Er:YAG and Nd:YAG. These treatments include skin rejuvenation, eye lifting and lip augmentation. The Fotona4D™ is a four-step procedure at different depth levels, with modern guidance techniques for quality and safety.

Vrouwelijke illustratie met een intraorale versteviging

1- Intraoral reinforcement

The first and very exclusive step of the Fotona 4D facelift. Intraoral firming using the SMOOTH™ technique where the cheek mucosa on the inside of the mouth is treated.

Vrouwelijk illustratie met een huidverjonging

2- Skin rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation with the Nd:YAG and FRAC3 technique where the deeper skin layers are treated non-invasively fractionated and new formation of collagen is stimulated.

Vrouwelijk illustratie met huid versteviging

3- Skin firming

Skin firming with the PIANO technique in which an overall heating of the deeper skin layers is created up to 43 degrees celcius. This provides skin firming.

Vrouwelijk illustratie met behandelde peeling

4- Peeling

Peeling with the Er:YAG laser in which a superficial to deeper peeling (depending on the indication) of the upper layer of skin is given. Through this step, we renew the top layer of skin.

I received a lot of information and advice during my first treatment and overall I found it very pleasant. I am very curious about the results!
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9 days ago
Wonderful treatment had. This time from a super sweet girl. Good advice again. Also about aftercare and what I should and should not do. Very valuable!
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Foto van ooglifting


With the Fotona4D™, you can also treat the eyes. This treatment is also known as the SmoothEye™.

It is an eye lift without surgery. The SmoothEye™ procedure improves skin elasticity, overall structure and volume. A quick, non-invasive treatment that provides firming and new collagen formation.

It is a safe and precise procedure with little to no recovery time. The skin is numbed with an anesthetic cream before treatment.

Foto van lippen behandeling


You can also treat the lips with the Fotona4D™. This procedure is called the LipLase™. This treatment provides fuller and healthier lips.

During the LipLase™ procedure, collagen is stimulated giving a tighter and fuller effect with no recovery time.

Foto van littekens behandeling

Scar treatment

We can also treat scars/surgical scars with the Er:Yag fractional (FS-01) attachment of the Fotona Timewalker P.O.

The FS-01 produces 81 identical microchannel spots in a single laser shot. Combined with a frequency range up to 50 Hz, it is Fotona’s fastest ever fractional handpiece.

This exceptional high-speed technology significantly reduces treatment times.

Recovery time: depending on the intensity
Sensitivity (0-10): 0 to 8

Foto van behandelbare indicaties

Indications that can be treated with the Fotona4D™ Timewalker

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend a course of 3 to 5 treatments to achieve the best results with the unique combination of 2 wavelengths in the Fotona 4D Timewalker.

The Fotona 4D treatment can be applied to all skin types. Consider: sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines, sagging on and around the eyelids, uneven skin texture, acne scars and superficial (pigment) spots.

You are usually red for the first few days, then often the skin begins to peel (slightly). This takes several days. On average, we indicate taking into account just under a week of downtime.

Yes, definitely. Thus, it is important to stop using products containing retinol, vitamin A, glycolic acid or salicylic acid at least 1 week before to 1 week after. Also, the skin should not be sun-tanned before treatment. After treatment, we recommend always protecting your skin with a sunscreen with SPF 50, which should be applied every two hours, to prevent hyperpigmentation. Visiting a sauna/steam room/swimming pool within a week of treatment is not recommended.