DermaPen 4 is the best-known brand name among microneedling. But what exactly is microneedling?

This treatment involves making small channels in the skin. The DermaPen4 causes surgical needles to vibrate into the skin with the pen’s powerful motor.

This treatment triggers the natural recovery of the skin.

The treatment is suitable for

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Vrouwelijke illustratie met een intraorale versteviging

Intake interview & skin scan

As a new client, it is important to have an intake interview beforehand. We also take pictures of the skin in different light modes with the Observ 520.

Vrouwelijk illustratie met een huidverjonging


Your practitioner always thoroughly cleanses the skin the skin beforehand. This is very important to us in order to give you the best results. The treatment is then performed in combination with a serum appropriate for your indication. What intermediate or serum this is the practitioner determines based on your indication. The treatment concludes with a cooling mask.

Vrouwelijk illustratie met huid versteviging

Aftercare process

The practitioner will give you aftercare advice to guide you through the aftercare process.

I received a lot of information and advice during my first treatment and overall I found it very pleasant. I am very curious about the results!
Satisfied customer
9 days ago
Wonderful treatment had. This time from a super sweet girl. Good advice again. Also about aftercare and what I should and should not do. Very valuable!
Satisfied customer
About a month ago

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is unfortunately not possible. Diba Clinics does not recommend microneedling treatment during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Your body needs all the building blocks to positively process the repair process in your body.

It is absolutely not recommended to sunbathe or use a tanning bed after the DermaPen4 treatment. This is to prevent pigment shifts or burns. This applies for 4 weeks before -and after the treatment.

Certain medications may affect the effectiveness and safety of a Dermapen treatment. We therefore recommend that you contact us prior to your appointment to verify that your medication is compatible with this treatment.

The skin may feel red and warm. The skin may also flake and in some cases show small scabs in the following days. These are all common reactions of this treatment. The skin needs an average of a week to recover. The total duration of a renewed skin cycle is 28 days. We recommend following the advice of your practitioner at all times.