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Every skin is unique. That’s why our (orthomolecular) skin specialists and Skin Therapists are ready to help you with your skin (problem).

Diba Clinics works with the Observ 520 skin scan, an advanced system that allows us to gain in-depth insights about your skin. The Observ 520 is a skin scan with technology that goes beyond the surface. Using advanced imaging, Observ 520 reveals the hidden aspects of your skin, such as underlying skin layers, pigmentation, pores, sebum production and more. This scientific approach allows us to get a complete picture of the condition of your skin and work more specifically to achieve your skin goals.

At Diba Clinics, we understand that achieving your ideal skin is a journey. Using the Observ 520 skin scan as a foundation, we will work with you to take steps to optimize your skin health. Whether you want to address specific skin issues, slow down aging or just improve your natural glow, our team is here to guide you.

During a consultation, our professionals can also provide you with the right product recommendations for at home. That way you can track your results even better from home!

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