Hyperpigmentation & melasma

In hyperpigmentation, the skin is discolored darker than the rest of the skin. This often looks brown. This can be all over your body. Consider sunspots, freckles and scars, for example. It is most common on the face because you expose your face, neck and décolleté the most to harmful factors such as the sun.

The most common cause of hyperpigmentation is the sun. UV radiation increases the production of melanin. Melanin regulates the color of your skin. Your genes also play a role in the production of melanin. If you have a genetic predisposition to this, you have an increased risk of this. You can also get hyperpigmentation after impaired wound healing, from inflammation after acne, for example. You may also have an increased risk of hyperpigmentation during pregnancy.

This is also called a pregnancy mask (melasma). This involves a “hypersensitive” pigment system. Pigment cells make too much pigment as a result, causing the skin in the area to darken too much. Heat and sweat can also be causes of hyperpigmentation. And did you know that even blue light from your laptop or cell phone can also cause hyperpigmentation?

Fortunately, there are many options when it comes to dealing with hyperpigmentation. Our skin specialists and skin therapists are experienced in this field. They work daily with the latest techniques and stay up-to-date because all continuing education is attended. The skin specialists and skin therapists can offer you the following treatments, among others:

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