XL Hair Hair Hairbooster

XL Hair® Hairbooster Is an injectable treatment that nourishes and stimulates hair follicles. It is suitable for both men and women. However, proper indication is essential. What does XL Hair do?

  • Stops hair loss
  • Stimulates new hair growth
  • Nourishes and activates the hair follicles
  • Prolongs the anagenic phase
  • shortens the telogen phase

XL Hair® is a hair booster (CE Class III injectable) that locally nourishes and (re)activates hair follicles. XL Hair helps stop hair loss and stimulates new hair growth. It contains a large number of active ingredients such as (natural) hyaluronic acid supplemented by a biorevitalization fluid, consisting of as many as 47 active ingredients (such as growth factors (FGF), copper peptide, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, peptides, amino acids and trace elements). For men, a course of 6 treatment is recommended at 1-week intervals each. For ladies, the same interval applies, however, the recommendation of the number of treatments is 8.

Recovery time: several days
Sensitivity (0-10): 2 to 6

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