Food intolerance test

Nutrition is important in our basis of existence. Nutrition is the basis for proper metabolism. A food intolerance is the natural immunological defense against certain antigens. This prevents the body from absorbing nutrients from certain foods. Such a reaction actually causes limited absorption of important nutrients, inflammatory or histamine-like symptoms and a change in hormone levels. Our genetic predisposition (DNA) has a greater impact on our lifestyle than we might think. But only a DNA analysis says nothing, because a DNA says nothing about the current situation. Your diet, air and skin contact are 3 important basic factors for good health. Unfortunately, we cannot change the air we breathe. But think about skin contact, for example, absorption of substances we can partly influence ourselves. Our diet is the one thing we do have complete control over. The IgG4 food intolerance test is used in inflammatory conditions. The food intolerance tests are reliable, fast and highly personalized. Each client receives a report with a result as well as a treatment plan. It tests for 90 different foods.

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