The SkinPen CIT is a unique medical microneedling system. The SkinPen CIT is the only microneedling system to have FDA approval also a medical CE class 2a. These are stringent American and European safety and operating requirements. You can treat many indications with the SkinPen CIT. The SkinPen CIT is safe, precise and effective. This system allows us to renew the skin in depth without causing superficial damage and with minimal recovery time. Also, this system has been tested and validated in laboratories to prevent the risk of cross-contamination. The treatment is suitable for all skin types and can be performed year-round.

Like any microneedling technique, the SkinPen CIT creates tiny microchannels in the skin. This activates the natural repair process deep within the skin. This is where new collagen (type 3) and elastin are produced. This type of collagen is needed to create effective tissue structures in the skin. This type of collagen is then converted to type 1 collagen, resulting in the desired and long-lasting results without (subcutaneous) scars. The mechanism of the SkinPen CIT is in the interchangeable head and the needle depth can be adjusted on the cartridge itself. As a result, the needle never goes deeper or shallower than set. The needle cartridges have a safety mechanism that ensures that each needle cartridge can only be used once. As a result, the chance of cross-contamination is 0%.

The treatment is suitable for such conditions as:

Recovery time: 1 week

Sensitivity (0-10): 5 to 7

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