Unwanted fibroids

Fibromas are common benign skin tumors. By common names, this is also called wild flesh or stem warts. They look like skin-colored growths that can appear anywhere on the skin. For example, in the face, neck, neckline, armpits, etc. There is no medical reason to remove a fibroid. However, you may want to remove it for cosmetic reasons. This can be done with one of our Skin Specialists or Skin Therapists. It is a very short treatment, with fairly little downtime. The treatment is performed with a zapper, or the Fotona 4D laser.

The Zapper is a small device that runs on a safe low-current. The device features a pointed electrode, which you hold just above the fibroid. A small spark is created when it touches the fibroid. The fibroid will shrivel up and that’s how you burn the fibroid off. This treatment takes several minutes.

Should you have a few fibroids, a 15-minute treatment is sufficient. The treatment can be booked from 15 minutes for €30.

Note! Many treatments may be covered by your health insurance. Check your policy or contact your insurance company to find out how much you can be reimbursed.

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