A deposit is required when making online appointments. Down payments may vary in amount. This can be €20 or €50. When booking an appointment, a 29-cent transaction fee is added. The deposit will be deducted from your treatment that you have scheduled on the respective day. Should you have an appointment at the salon by scheduling, then the deposit goes with you to your subsequent appointment.

Absence We are not responsible for prevention. The down payment that is done cannot be recovered in the event of prevention. Appointments must be cancelled/changed before 48 hours. Upon failure to timely pass on prevention, the deposit can likewise not be recovered. Should you be unable to attend in time for your treatment, then we are forced to shorten the treatment. Upon entry of 15 minutes or later, we bring the entire treatment charged.

Cancellation fee (this applies as of January 1, 2020) When canceling your appointment, we charge a €10 administrative fee. If you have cancelled your appointment before 48 hours you will receive your deposit partially refunded. The administrative costs of cancellation will be namely settled with your deposit. Got your appointment late cancelled, then the entire deposit is forfeited. Should you wish to make an appointment move, then this can be done free of charge 48 hours before your treatment.

Which treatment should I choose? Not sure which treatment is best for you? We will help you Happy to join us here! Choose: “ADMINISTRATION treatment on advice”. During this treatment, we can look at your skin, and together determine which treatment we are going to perform.