Dermaplaning is a treatment in which dead skin cells and downy hairs are removed using a surgical blade. This procedure is popular among clients who want to maintain the youthful glow and smoothness of their faces. No acids are used during the dermaplaning treatment This makes dermaplaning an appropriate treatment for sensitive, dry and allergic skin that does not tolerate chemical exfoliation and/or pregnant women. During the exfoliation process, the blade is placed at a 45° angle, which feels like someone pressing and sliding a debit card across the face. Dermaplaning is thus completely painless and can be combined with other treatments. Dermaplaning gives immediate results. After the treatment, the skin feels smooth and has a bright and even appearance. Because the fine hairs and dead skin cells are removed, products are significantly better absorbed by the skin. These results persist for about 4 weeks. Did you know you can extend this treatment with the Hydrafacial Syndeo or a glowpeel? This way you’ll amplify the results of the treatment and work to maximize your glow! This treatment is ideal for a wedding, party or vacation.

What does Dermaplaning do?

  • Removes dead skin cells and downy hairs
  • Improves absorption of active ingredients in products by 60%
  • Gives the ultimate glow
  • Skin that looks tighter and smoother

Indications for Dermaplaning

  • Dry skin
  • Dull skin
  • Aging skin
  • Skin with many downy hairs

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