Cryo T-Elephant

The Cryo-T Elephant. A very exclusive Local Cryo device that can cool the skin to as low as -10 degrees Celsius with radius up to -161 degrees Celsius. This device is currently used mainly in the United States by top athletes and physical therapists. Because the treatments were so effective, the Cryo-T Elephant was later used in the beauty & wellness industry, as well as in the skin improvement industry for top skin specialists. Consider eczema, acne, scars, aging, puffiness, hair loss, fluid retention, etc. Cryotherapy is ideally suited for facials and other topical treatments.

Treatment with extreme cold has the following effects:

With this device it is possible to treat acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems, among others.

Recovery time: none
Sensitivity (0-10): 0 to 2

This device is extremely suitable for skin improvement treatments. This revolutionary device provides a non-invasive facelift. Through its extreme cold, the Cryo-T Elephant provides a major boost to cell renewal as blood circulation is optimally stimulated and waste products are properly disposed of. The result is young, radiant skin. The Cryo-T Elephant is performed using liquid nitrogen.